• 1978

  • March 26

    Establishment of Company

    Web Team Consultancy was established in 1978, with a vision to build an enduring institution, comparable in standard to the best law firms in the world, while delivering a positive social impact to society and establishing the firm as the employer of choice for top lawyers across the world

  • April 14

    First Recognition

    Our firm has a credible track record in several areas of law including: dispute resolution, corporate & commercial law, maritime, aviation, real property, intellectual property, telecommunication and Islamic finance law. We undertake work for individuals, public and private companies, financial institutions, and consulting firms in various sectors.

  • august 22

    Best Consulting Award

    Numerous external and independent organizations have recognized us. Some highlight our corporate successes and others celebrate our outstanding individuals. Corporate Awards We are proud to be recognized both for the excellence of our work and for the opportunities for personal growth that we provide to our employees.

  • November 16

    Hudge Corporate Project

    Traditionally, we are big law firms and corporate legal departments have enjoyed a close relationship—one that is based on both trust and regulation. Clients rely on us to discern legal boundaries and the risks associated with misjudging them

  • 1980

  • February 14

    Opened 27 Offices Worldwide

  • June 27

    Best Consultant of the Year